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We're the private practice for people who don't like (or don't think they'll like) working in private practice

Why? Because our team thinks differently. About the work, about lifestyle and about the reality of being a psychologist, a human, a father, a friend, a community member – whatever your roles are. And importantly, because as a team (yes, including Matt who started ConnectEd), we’re constantly learning and changing stuff to get that fit just right for every single person who comes through our door. Staff and clients.

Most of these kind of sections on a website will want to tell you many of the same things – that we pride ourselves on delivering quality services, that we care about our clients, and that we offer a lot of opportunities for clinicians to develop their skills – all of that is true for us too.

However more importantly to us is that we want to develop a team that strikes the balance. The balance between being passionate about your work, but not all about your work. That is as interested in the wellbeing of others in the team, as they are about looking after themselves. That embraces their unique personality and finds ways to compliment the unique style of others. We want a whole person, with all the richness that has to offer.

We believe that when we work with great people, we will do great work. Our team is the most important resource that we have and we want to make sure that we do all that we can to support your personal and professional growth.

We could write a long spiel about all the perks of working with us, but we think the real magic is when we sit down and talk about it. Send us an email if you’re interested in learning more – We won’t put the hard sell on! 

We are particularly interested in anyone currently or previously working in a school counselling role. You might be wanting to test out private practice for the first time – we are a great opportunity to do that! We offer salaried and contracting positions, full-time and part-time. We are open to looking at any model that works for all of us. Want to see one client one afternoon a week? Brilliant! Want to only do Saturday mornings and never work any other day while you’re here? Go for it! We’ll make it work for all of us

Send matt an email at and we can catch up for a coffee and a chat!

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