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Information for referrers

At ConnectEd, we believe it is important for all people to be part of community, and accessing healthcare is no different. Where possible and appropriate, we seek to work together with other professionals who are also supporting our clients. This is especially important for our work with young people, where school, home and other services provide so much helpful support. You can download a copy of our team information, referral and contact details here

Contact information:

Email: <- this is our preferred way to communicate as it means you can get the right person to give you the right reply (or call you back)

Address: 3/101 Verney Road West, Graceville QLD 4075

Ph: 0423 157 960 **Please note – this number is not routinely monitored – we prefer email and can schedule a call with the psychologist. The reason for this is our psychologists are typically in hour-long appointments throughout the day and are usually not able to take a call. We are very happy to organise a time for them to call you back and can set this up via email

Our team:

Our team of psychologists and counsellors have a special interest in working with children, adolescents, young adults and parents. Many of the team are former school psychologists and very experienced in the challenges young people and families are experiencing, as well as the value of collaborative work. You can find out more about the team here:

All of our psychologists are comfortable working across a range of different presenting issues. If you would like to know who might be best placed for a particular referral, you can either send through a referral to the clinic and we can assign the most suitable psychologist, or contact us at

Dr Matt O’Connor – Clinical and School Psychologist (sees: adolescents, young adults and parents)

Deborah Green – Psychologist (sees: children, adolescents, young adults, parents)

Michelle Pullen – Educational and Developmental Psychologist (sees: children and parents)

Emily Coote – Educational and Developmental Psychologist (sees: older children (10+), adolescents, young adults, adults and parents)

Angela Bromfield – Educational and Developmental Psychologist (sees: children and parents)

Contact information:


Address: 3/101 Verney Road West, Graceville QLD 4075

Please note we do not have full-time admin staff so we do not operate a telephone number. We are very efficient at getting back to any communication via email and can arrange a follow up call if needed

Making a referral:

  • We are very happy to receive referrals to our practice or to a specific member of the team. We will contact the client within 24-48hrs. In the event their preferred therapist is not available, we will provide them with some alternative options

  • You can also encourage clients to refer here:

  • We are happy to receive referrals via email – please send to


We accept full fee, Mental Health Care Plans (Better Access), Private Health and NDIS (self-funded only)

Reports and communication:

  • For MHCP clients, we will provide an initial acknowledgement of referral at session 1 and reports at sessions 6 and 10

  • For other clients, we would still like to work with, and alongside you, so please get in touch using our contact information and we will do our best to get back to you as a priority

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We also have availability for assessments over the next 1-2 months

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