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No you don’t. If you want to access a psychologist through a Mental Health Care Plan, than you will need a referral (typically provided by your GP). However you can book an appointment with us while you get that paperwork organise and bring it to your first appointment (you don’t need it before booking with us)

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All of our team are highly trained and experienced mental health professionals. Counsellors and psychologists can view difficulties through a slightly differerent focus. In general, psychologists tend to focus more on diagnosed mental illness. One thing the research shows about outcomes is that a good relationship between the counsellor/psychologist is one of the best predictors of a positive outcome.

Yes it is (though this varies based on age). There are a few circumstances where information is required to be shared and these will be explained to you before you meet with your psychologist or counsellor. Where possible, we also try to ensure that the people who are important in your life are aware of how you are going, so with your permission, we may share a small amount of information to help them better support you. This is particulary relevant for young people

We would not typically do this and would prefer to make sure each person has their own person to meet with. This helps to ensure confidentiality and also gives everyone their own ‘space’ without worrying about what others in the family might have said

Yes there are several customer parks in the complex. There is also plenty of street parking

Sorry, no. We accept EFTPOS/credit card payment only

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