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Counselling - Adults

Dr Matt O'Connor

Dr Matt O'Connor

Clinical Psychologist

Deborah (Debbie) Green

Debbie Green


Michelle Pullen

Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Emily Coote

Emily Coote

Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Angela Bromfield

Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Our philosophy

Contrary to popular belief, asking for help/support is one of the greatest strengths we can show. At ConnectEd, we recognise the shared humanity that we all have and the fact that all of us – from time to time – will find things difficult. We don’t differentiate between this being a ‘big thing’ or a ‘small thing’. Instead, we believe that if it is important to you, it is important to us. 

We want to use our expertise and combine this with your unique strengths, insights and skills to provide you with tailored support, that best meets your needs. We aren’t here to tell you ‘what to do’, but we will gladly walk the journey with you as we work through these challenges together. 

What approaches do we use?

We will use a range of strategies to help support you, including thinking- and behaviour-based (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT), exploring your identity and values (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – ACT) and working with you to strengthen your relationships with others (Interpersonal Therapy – IPT). The most important strategy we will use though is that we will do this work as a team. How you connect with your counsellor is really important to supporting you, and we will put a lot of steps in place to make sure we make a great team!

Concerns we can support you with

  • Low mood, irritability, feeling flat (depression)
  • Anxiety, high stress, competition/performance issues
  • Family difficulties (e.g. parent separation, conflict at home)
  • Work/organisational stress (e.g. goal-setting, study skills, motivation, organisation)
  • Relationship conflict (e.g. managing conflict, repairing relationships)
  • Sleep difficulties (e.g. getting to sleep, staying asleep)
  • Coping with grief and loss
  • Managing anger and frustration
  • Life and role transitions (e.g. new work roles, changes in parenting/relationship status)

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