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At ConnectEd we offer a wide range of programs to support the wellbeing of your organisation, each personalised to meet the specific needs of staff. Our team are highly experienced psychologists, with a passion for integrating evidence-based practices into real-world settings.

Our corporate wellbeing programs aim to help employees stay healthy, improve productivity and create a better work culture and environment for everyone. Our programs give employees incentives, tools, social support, privacy, and strategies to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours. 

Programs can include the following but are not exclusive to:

  • Work-life balance (or as we prefer – Work-life boundaries)

  • Mental Health Literacy and Training Workshops

  • Supervision/mentoring of staff (especially for managers/leaders who support other staff)

  • Development of corporate wellbeing initiatives

  • Stress Management

  • Lifestyle skills and choices

  • Looking after and supporting your colleagues

  • Positive Psychology (including character strengths)

  • Team Building Challenges

  • Meditation Classes

  • Yoga Classes

  • Corporate Fitness Classes (and boot camps)

We can provide a range of delivery formats and options. Some ideas of how this can look are included below:


  • Short presentation (approx 15min) – suitable for brief discussions (e.g. staff meeting, lunch session)

  • Extended presentation (approx 1hr-1.5hrs) – suitable for sessions specifically targeting a concept

  • Small group programs (approx 45min-1hr) – suitable for specific groups within your organisation (e.g. managers)

  • Extended training (half day – through to multi-day) – suitable for staff wishing to undertake in-depth training in one/several topics

Presentation style (can be a combination of options below)

  • Information-based + Questions

  • Extended Q&A formats (“Ask Dr Matt your questions”) 

  • Multi-part presentations (e.g. a presentation every month that builds on a theme/topic)

For all our presentations or programs, we will also provide follow-up options, which include:

  • Additional resources to use in your organisation

  • Toolkits for staff to utilise in support of the presentation/program

  • Follow up presentation/video to reinforce key messaging from the presentation/program

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