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At ConnectEd, we believe that all people, and the communities they belong to, benefit from a little extra care and support. Whether the problems are big or small, we want to make sure everyone has the chance to feel connected – to themselves, to others and to their community.



Young children have such a wide range of developmental stages that they are working through, particularly in their social and emotional growth. We work with young children and their parents, to support their growth and to help them realise their potential.

Adolescents & young adults

There are a lot of different challenges (and opportunities!) as a young person. We can support you to better understand your strengths and develop strategies for working through the things that are tough for you.


As the saying goes – kids don’t come with a manual. At ConnectEd, we also believe that there is no one right way to parent. We use our knowledge and combine it with your wisdom to help you be the best parent you can be.

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We all find things difficult at times, and that doesn’t change just because you are older. Looking after your wellbeing is more important now than ever, and our team have the skills to help you work through what is challenging for you


Understanding what might be impacting on your child in terms of their learning and ability to engage in school can unlock opportunities for targeted support and better insight. We provide psychoeducational and ADHD assessments

About ConnectEd

At ConnectEd Counselling and Consultancy, our counselling team of psychologists and counsellors have a special interest in working with children, adolescents, young adults, parents and adults. Our team provide high-quality, professional services, through the lens of their unique personality and style.

Our consultancy services support school communities (students, parents and staff) and businesses. We offer services that help individuals and groups develop their knowledge of mental health and the processes and practices that are needed to ensure that they can provide the most effective, and sustainable support to their communities.


ConnectEd School PD
ConnectEd School PD

We provide online Professional Development for school professionals that is written and presented by school professionals. Our team are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise so that we can all benefit from learning together. We develop our content with a specific focus on it being practical, engaging and grounded in day-to-day practice.


More than ever before, schools are being asked to provide support for students, parents and staff across a wide range of personal, social and emotional domains. At ConnectEd we have a unique skill-set combining both psychological practice and educational leadership experience to provide guidance, training and development across the whole school community.


Businesses that focus on staff wellbeing perform better – they attract and retain staff, and staff engagement and productivity are improved. Our team at ConnectEd can support businesses to develop genuine and sustainable processes and initiatives that improve staff wellbeing.

Professional Supervision

We provide supervision to psychologists and other allied health professionals. We have a special interest in supervising school psychologists and counsellors. We can also supervise for the Clinical and Educational and Developmental Registrar programs

Coaching and Mentoring​

We offer a range of highly personalised services to assist and support education and business professionals to reflect on and improve their work, providing ‘care for the carers’

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